Who should attend?
Supervisors, Foremen and Agents employed by Organisations and Companies who are responsible for work in the highway.

Course Aims
To enable candidates to understand and interpret the Code of Practise for signing, lighting, and guarding and ensure that persons under their control operate in a safe working environment and that the General Public are adequately protected and inconvenienced to a minimum.

Course Objectives
On completion each candidate will be able to:

  1. Understand and recognise the need for correct signing, lighting and guarding in relation to the safety of personnel engaged in the work and pedestrians and traffic negotiating any obstruction resulting from the work.
  2. Recognise the need to maintain free movement of pedestrians and vehicles.
  3. Check the correct signs, barriers, lamps, and their positioning to ensure compliance with the Code of Practise.
  4. Supervise the operation and installation of portable traffic lights and their correct positioning and use.
  5. Identify any special measures necessary to accommodate work in restricted areas such as railway crossings etc.